Hey guys, I thought it would be a good idea to create a website for all of those Blops (Black ops) players who are having a hard time getting a decent kill to death ratio (KD ratio). Firstly, let me just say that Blops is a game and whether or not you have a great KD ratio is not as important as the style in which you achieve it. It is relatively easy to sit in a bush with a silencer, ghost, and ninja on and finish each match 5-0. I do not believe however that anyone can have fun this way. Remember this is not real life, you will spawn again!

There are many different players on the net, there are those who really do care about their KD ratio enough to warrant being boring and predictable. There are also those that couldn’t care less and are, to be frank, headless chickens. Both of these extremes can be very annoying to the ‘rookie’ gamer. For example, in order for a new player to learn the ropes they need to be able to roam around freely, learn the map layout, the spawn areas, how to use the radar etc. This can be quite difficult when Mr Speedy Gonzalez is galavanting around every corner of the map peppering everyone in the back or when Mr Predictable is in the same spot, ruthlessly killing everything in sight. Unfortunately these kind of players are inevitable in every game and is something that every rookie is compelled to deal with. If you are a complete newbie to the game of CoD please see my Rookie Guide to get some tips and check out my Walkthrough guide on each map that will hopefully help you.

Ever since I started playing CoD, I have constantly been asked questions about game style, classes, weapons, perks, camping, sniping etc. I attempt on this website to answer these questions, and if anyone has any further questions just sign up (it’s free) and post your questions or comments about anything you wish (CoD related please). I do also intend to have a page with a walkthrough of each map as well as video of how I play them. Please note that I’m not a great CoD player, just an experienced one, so if you see me with Attack Dogs don’t be suprised that I got them while cowering behind a bullet proof pillar.

For those of you who want to know, I play on Xbox! I have nothing against the Ps3, the xbox was just cheaper.

Here’s a video of me getting a Tomahawk kill. Honestly, if the guy hadn’t noticed me, I would have missed. Bad Luck.

Here’s a video of me getting another Tomahawk kill, possibly my best one ever. It is not an over the building fluke shot, but one which is mainly skill, and perhaps a small amount of luck.